The Better Brain Assessment (BBA) was specifically designed for people with mild traumatic brain injury, also known as concussion. Nonetheless, the comprehensive picture of brain health that it provides will help anyone achieve a better brain. It can help you improve your performance in sport, at school, in your career, your profession and your life. We can make you better.

Integrative medicine – the brain is the key

The BBA can also help with many diseases that affect the brain, including neurological and psychiatric disorders. It was created using the principles of integrative medicine, which recognizes that the psycho-immuno-neuro-endo- crine (PINE) system is the software that virtually controls the entire body. In this paradigm shifting view, the brain is the hardware and the PINE system is the software, and together they are the key to healing.

The usual approach to brain assessment provides too little, too late. Clinical medicine does not yet use the many innovations in neuroscience and brain health that have been developed in recent years. More importantly, it ignores a huge amount of ancient wisdom that comes from the healing traditions of India, China and other parts of the world. The BBA combines east and west, old and new, to give you more insight into your brain and your health than any other assessment – anywhere.

The unparalleled insight that the BBA provides can help with:

  • Brain injury from trauma, stroke or other acquired causes
  • Menopause and other hormone imbalances
  • Stroke, transient ischemic attack (TIA) and other cerebrovascular diseases
  • Peak performance in sport, work, school and life
  • Anxiety, depression and post-traumatic stress disorder
  • Chronic pain affecting the head, neck, spine and extremities


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