sample BBA report coverYour comprehensive assessment includes the following:

  • A brain injury timeline that reveals how injuries and other events in your life may have affected your brain. This includes broken bones, sprains and strains, surgeries, medical and dental procedures, illnesses and infections, mental and emotional stressors. You will learn how injuries that seem minor can have a major impact on your brain.
  • Contact Regulation Thermometry. This diagnostic test complements the brain injury timeline, by identifying abnormalities in specific nerves and body regions. It involves precise measurement of temperature at over 100 skin areas and nerves. These correlate with blockages, or disturbances in the autonomic nervous system, to target for treatment.
  • Laboratory testing. This may include blood cell counts, measures of organ function, hormone balance, cardiometabolic panel, toxin panel, GI panel and nutritional status. We use specialized blood tests that most doctors don’t use to get a better picture of brain and body function.
  • qEEG Assessment. This test measures the electricity produced by your brain. Neurologists typically analyze EEG tracings by ‘eyeballing’ them to look for seizure activity, but advanced software can do much more. The ‘q’ in qEEG stands for ‘quantitative’, because complex algorithms are used to detect subtle abnormalities affecting specific parts of the brain. This data provides a detailed picture of brain function, and it can also guide neurofeedback and other therapies that can help your brain reach its potential.
  • Vision and Vestibular Assessment. This uses specialized equipment to evaluate your brain’s ability to coordinate vision. It is done using multiple object tracking software, which measures how well you can follow bouncing balls on a 3-D screen. Problems with visual coordination can lead to pain, fatigue and brain fog when triggered by reading, computer use, driving or any other complex visual task. The less effort your brain needs to dedicate to vision, the more it has left over to do everything else.
  • Computerized Cognitive Testing. This uses a standardized set of tests to measure how well your brain can complete different kinds of tasks. Each task gets a numerical score, including processing speed, attention, visual learning, working memory, visual motor function and executive function. This is similar to the to pencil-and-paper tests done by neuropsychologists, but studies suggest that computerized testing is better.
  • Targeted Manual Therapy. This is done using myofascial release, an innovative new approach to manual therapy and the treatment of athletic/traumatic injuries. Its goal is to reduce or eliminate chronic pain and stiffness by releasing adhesions and realigning bones by treating fascia, restoring the body to a more fluid, balanced and aligned state.
  • Seekers Method® This is our unique approach to finding and treating disturbances in the nervous system.
  • Heavy Metal Testing. Your body contains lead, mercury, cadmium, arsenic and other heavy metals. This procedure uses a substance known to bind metals in tissue. Given intravenously, these chelated metals are passed in the urine and levels can be measured. Detox advice will follow.
  • Individualized Toxin Consultation. Consultation with a biochemist will help you survey the toxins you might be exposed to in your home. A personalized plan will help you detox your life.
  • Nutritional Consultation. Specialized brain and neurological nutrition consultation focused on restoring body system balance and maximizing brain health.
  • Your report will include a priority problem list for you and your local healthcare providers. This is a summary of the main issues that they need to focus on. Written for doctors, dentists, chiropractors, physiotherapists, acupuncturists, and massage therapists, it is a synthesis of all your test results created by an integrative physician. It will help ensure that the treatment they provide actually delivers results.
  • A self-care management plan for you. This is a list of things you can do to improve your brain. It offers personalized advice about lifestyle changes that will make the biggest difference in your specific situation. Whether it is related to eating habits, physical activity, environmental factors or psychological ones, it will give you a focused action plan you can implement on your own, starting the very next day
  • All of your test results and an interpretation of important findings.

The assessment also includes two packages of Natural Health Products. One is given before your assessment to restore and replenish basic body systems. The other is prescribed for you based on your findings and unique needs.

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