Derrick Matthew Buchanan

Derrick Matthew Buchanan, B.Cog.Sci
Director of Research

Derrick Matthew Buchanan is a clinical neuroscientist from the GTA working in Ottawa as the Director of Research at the Seekers Centre, a private medical practice. At the Seekers Centre Derrick is also a manager in the brain clinic, using quantitative electroencephalography techniques and neurofeedback therapy to assess and treat patients. Derrick also holds a research position at the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario and multiple contract instructor positions at Carleton University, most recently teaching a fourth year neuroscience seminar entitled “Clinical Neuroscience for Mental Health and Neurological Disorders”. Along with his work in the private and public healthcare sectors Derrick is completing his PhD in Neuroscience at Carleton University on electroneurophysiological modelling of neurological disorders and direct current brain stimulation. Derrick has also received several important research grants, including the Ontario Research in Dementia grant three years consecutively since 2014, and has several manuscripts on the way for publication. Lastly, Derrick is an active member of the Canadian Association for Neuroscience and the Canadian Association of Electroneurophysiology Technologists, and has completed specialized certifications from Harvard Medical School Berenson Allen Centre for Noninvasive Brain Stimulation, McGill University Montreal Neurological Institute Brain Imaging Centre, and Saybrook University School of Clinical Psychology and Behavioural Medicine.