<strong>Zannat Nahar</strong>
Zannat NaharIntegrative Health Practitioner

Originally from Bangladesh. Zannat received her MBBS (Bachelor in Medicine and Bachelor in Surgery) degree from Osmani Medical College in Sylhet in 2007. After graduation she started working on her post-graduate degree in Pediatrics at Dhaka Children’s Hospital. Dhaka is the capital of Bangladesh and one of the world’s most populated cities. Being a physician in a developing country with fewer resources available to give people the proper treatment they need, Zannat was always in search of more options than just conventional modern medicine.

Soon after moving to Ottawa in 2011, Zannat met Dr. Nahas, and seeing that he was like-minded, she discovered the Seekers Centre’s mission and values was what she had been looking for. In 2013, she joined the Seekers Medical team as an EEG (electroencephalography) technician and Neurofeedback practitioner.

Neurofeedback (NFB) is direct training of the brain, by which the brain learns to function more efficiently. It is now widely practiced to treat ADD and Epilepsy. At the Seekers Centre, Neurofeedback is used to treat patients with Post-Concussion Syndrome (PCS) and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

After completing her training in Seekers Method, Vision Therapy and Neurotracker, Zannat is now dedicated to helping her patients heal through integrated NFB training.

In her spare time, Zannat enjoys spending time with her family, cooking, gardening and making crafts.