The MVA High Risk Pain Clinic is a specialized pain management program that offers multi-disciplinary medical treatments led by doctors, nurses, and other allied health professionals. While it may be suited for other types of injuries, the clinic is specifically designed to treat people with persistent pain after a motor vehicle accident.

Persistent pain three months (some say six months) after an accident is often called chronic whiplash syndrome. Our MVA high Risk Pain Clinic is structured to allow each patient to receive treatment that is tailored to their specific needs. Almost all patients suffer from soft tissue pain, but other problems can occur. Whiplash is often made worse by a concussion or traumatic brain injury, anxiety or post-traumatic stress disorder, fractures and other injuries. These can make pain worse, and we use specific tools to treat them in addition to treating the pain of the whiplash injury.

We also understand that pain affects your whole life, and your whole life affects pain. Pain can cause problems at work and home, affect your relationships with family and friends, prevent you from doing things you enjoy and basic tasks to take care of yourself. We address all the barriers to recovery that can prevent your body from healing itself.

Our MVA High Risk Pain Clinic is led by physicians, and is managed by registered nurses and other allied health professionals. Treatment may include medication management, trigger point injections, peripheral nerve blocks, intravenous infusions, and psychological therapy. We also provide counseling and education about posture, breathing, mindfulness and self-care to allow our patients the heal themselves and become active participants in their treatment.

In most cases, the MVA High Risk Pain Clinic program includes treatments that are not OHIP-eligible. Our experienced staff will submit paperwork so that these treatments can be reimbursed by your auto insurance provider.

In most cases, a medical referral is needed to receive treatment in the MVA High Risk Pain Clinic. Ask your doctor to fill out our referral form. You can download and print it here.