In 2006, Dr. Richard Nahas founded The Seekers Pain Centre. Our story began in Toronto in 2003. Dr. Richard Nahas was an ER physician when the SARS outbreak gripped the city. He was on the team of doctors that was treating people with SARS for six months, and then decided to take a break from medicine and see the world. What originally began as an extended vacation, turned into a search to understand the deeper truth about health, illness and healing. This led him to many countries, where he studied and worked with traditional healers from around the world. Dr. Nahas was transformed by his journey, and returned to his native Ottawa to share what he had learned.

The Seekers Pain Centre was established in 2006. Initially a solo practice run by a small team out of a home-based clinic, the Centre grew quickly. New services and additional providers led to a move to a larger rented clinic space, until the decision was made to purchase a building. Treatment evolved and improved, and more and more patients saw lasting changes in their health. When they got better, they told their friends and our number of patients and people we’ve helped quickly expanded. The Centre moved to its current location in 2011, a newly renovated building that has been completely redesigned to be a healthy place of healing.

In 2013, the team decided to focus exclusively on treating chronic pain. While the Seekers Method eliminated symptoms for people with many different illnesses, our focus on pain is part of an effort to have a bigger impact on the healthcare system. By measuring outcomes in a single patient group, we can collect more meaningful data for research publication. By focusing on one specific syndrome, we can tailor our treatment to provide a better experience and better results. And by working with insurers on behalf of our patients who have suffered after motor vehicle accidents, we can show that our approach delivers better results – and saves money in the long-term. This is what will change healthcare.

Our team continues to grow, and our results continue to improve. We currently treat about 50 patients per day. Our unique understanding of the root causes of chronic pain comes from the journey that Dr. Nahas began over a decade ago. Our treatment combines medications, testing, injections and infusions with mind-body healing, acupuncture and specialized treatments. We are proud of our work in helping patients return to health – and helping to lead the transformation of healthcare.