Studies suggest that patients who do neurofeedback see long-term improvements in brain function. Our customized neurofeedback therapy (NFB) involves training your brain to tune itself back to balance. This is based on the qEEG data collected in your Functional Brain Assessment, identifying the location and the specific frequencies of electricity, or ‘brain waves’ that are over- or under-active.

The 15-session neurofeedback treatment program includes:

  • A brief clinical assessment
  • Computer-guided neurofeedback therapy
  • Vision therapy exercises
  • Auricular acupuncture based on the Seekers Method®
  • A regimen of evidence-based and personalized Natural Health Products
  • Instruction in the self-care approach to the Seekers Method for regular daily self-treatment
  • Support and coaching to motivate changes in diet, lifestyle, mindfulness and self-care

After your 15 sessions of neurofeedback, you will receive a follow-up qEEG brainwave assessment.

Changes in brainwave spectrum before treatment:


Changes in brainwave spectrum after treatment:


Our neurofeedback program is unique as it combines many different therapies to deliver an exceptional treatment opportunity.
Patients who have undergone NFB have reported:

  • Improved focus
  • Better memory
  • Reduced symptoms
  • Better self-care
  • Improved cognitive function

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