At the Seekers Centre, we understand that the pain and limitations brought on by chronic pain and post-concussion syndrome are very real. We work carefully with patients and their family physician to develop personalized, comprehensive treatment plans that will provide the best possible results.

Our unique approach provides patients with specialized treatment performed by doctors and nurses. Our focus on root causes has helped our patients decrease symptoms and medication use, and restore health and wellness.

Our physicians are either specialists or family physicians with a with a focus practice designation in pain management. This means that rostered patients can be referred with no impact on billings or bonuses.

Chronic Pain Management Program

This program is for people suffering from chronic pain related to a workplace accident, sports injury or strain, illness or surgery, and those with unexplained pain.

To refer a patient, please print and submit a completed referral form (link below) by fax (613-727-7247).

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Chronic Pain Management Program Form

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For more information on our pain management programs, please visit our programs section here or email us at

If you are a patient and are interested in one of the above programs, please download the appropriate form and give it to your family physician to sign.