Seekers Method® Laser Program

What is the Seekers Method Laser Program

What is the Seekers Method® Laser Program?

The Seekers Method® Laser Program uses a series of therapies selected and combined to target blockages and support healing in a way that is relaxing and pain-free to deliver results you can feel.

It includes red laser light delivered to acupoints, blue laser light delivered to the soft tissues of the head and neck, acupuncture needles (or seeds for patients who refuse needles) in the ears, eye movements, sensitivity testing using vials, manual release of fascial restrictions, and supervised trials of six natural health products.

How does it work?

How Does it work?

Different colours of light have different effects on the body. This is because their photons vibrate slightly differently. Photons affect specific structures in the body at the molecular level, so different light will affect different structures. Scientific studies suggest that there are several different ways in which lasers can promote healing. Our laser program uses two specific frequencies of light that promote healing in two completely different ways.

The red light delivered by the LightNeedle laser acupuncture device has a wavelength of 655 nanometers. Studies confirm that this frequency of light creates a change in the shape of hemoglobin and how it binds oxygen, improving microcirculation and tissue nutrition. It also improves energy production in mitochondria, activates macrophages and other immune cells and turns on antioxidant enzymes.

The LightNeedle device allows us to target treatment to specific areas selected for each patient based on their injury history. This targets blockages to promote healing where you need it most. Chronic health problems can sometimes be related to inflammation and stress in surgical scars, dental areas and wounds that have been infected or healed poorly. Clinical trials of red laser therapy have shown positive results in diseases of the brain, nerves and spine, in arthritis and fatigue, and in many other disorders of the heart, lungs and digestive system.

Who is Eligible?

Who is eligible?

All our programs were developed under the guidance and direction of Dr Richard Nahas, a leader in the field of integrative medicine with over a decade of experience. They were created to improve results with synergy and structure, and they are part of a focus on data-driven treatment that is based on the Seekers Method®.

This program is effective in treating a broad variety of ailments, including:


Joint pain

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome


Digestive Disorders

Menstrual Issues

Anxiety and Depression


Sports Injury

Sleep Disorders

**This program may be eligible for Third Party Insurance coverage. Inquire with a team member.

What does it include?

What does it include?

It starts with an assessment from an integrative MD that includes a blockage inventory and gives patients an understanding of what their key issues are and introduces them to a rational prescribing approach to navigating their care – trying one thing at a time.

Our program includes:

A comprehensive health intake with nurse

A medical evaluation and clinical assessment

12 treatment sessions

Weekly supervised trials of six natural health products (value $270)

A self-care program

On-going help from our providers and staff

This program was developed to provide targeted, intensive treatment that delivers results.

Each treatment session includes:

A clinical review and progress update

LightNeedle red laser acupuncture – 655nm red light delivered by fiber optic cables to 12 acupoints personalized using your unique clinical and blockage history and modulated to deliver frequency-specific microcurrent light stimulation targeted to your body’s unique needs

Sublingual blue laser therapy – 405nm blue-violet light with proven antimicrobial effects to restore normal oral flora and reduce soft-tissue inflammation in the head and neck

Movement education – using the Seekers Method to give you active stretching techniques you can use on your own to find and release restrictions in fascia using movement and touch, breath, and awareness

Ear acupressure – using tiny seeds taped to precise points on the ear that target your specific blockages, you will learn to stimulate these points to support your stretching exercises and your daily self-care

Natural Health Products – we use a rational prescribing approach to select one product at a time and monitor your response to help you select the most effective remedies for you.

What makes this program special?

What makes this program special?

Our Seekers Method® targets blockages.  These are the focus of many of the world’s traditional healing systems, but they are still unknown to modern medicine. The Seekers Method laser program combines several modalities to target blockages in a way that is painless and personalized for your unique needs. The treatment sessions include several different steps that work together and build on each other, allowing for deeper treatment to promote a better outcome. We developed this structured approach to layered treatment after many years spent experimenting with different versions and sequences.  We cannot make health claims, but most patients feel real results.

The Seekers Centre is a special place of healing in Ottawa.  Our restorative, relaxing atmosphere and caring, professional, and gifted team make every patient visit a healing experience.  Our team gives our patients a level of support and care that they have never experienced before, and that makes us happy and proud.  Our goal is your health and happiness.

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