Focus on the Brain

Every human being can benefit from focused treatment of the brain. The old view that the brain stops growing in childhood is gone. Neuroplasticity is the constant remodeling that allows the brain to change and grow in response to new challenges and specific needs. Our assessments can help.

Your brain can heal. Studies show that neuroplasticity can be accelerated by mindfulness, daily habits, self-care practices and lifestyle changes. It can also happen with the help of specialized treatments, especially when they can be targeted to stimulate the parts of your brain that need it most. Our comprehensive assessments programs will identify these for you and help you understand your health.

Come visit us in Ottawa for your assessment.  Take control of your health and get superior results.

3 Hour Assessment

The 3-hour Functional Brain Assessment (FBA) is a unique window into the brain, allowing us to focus treatment on the most significant imbalance in brain function. Ideal for those with concussion, depression, anxiety, PTSD and pain.

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Neurofeedback/qEEG Program

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