An Integrative Healthcare Team

We offer our patients peace of mind. This comes from knowing that your treatment is overseen by a qualified medical doctor. Our physician-led teams focus exclusively on chronic pain management. All of our licensed healthcare providers combine a wide range of medical, surgical, psychological and natural treatments to deliver superior results.

Patient-Centered Case Management

As a patient in our pain management programs, you will have the help and guidance of a nurse case manager. Our nursing staff works directly with your treatment team to ensure that your treatment is going well and that you are seeing results. This helps reduce stress and confusion, and ensures that your treatment is complete, accurate and effective.

Our case managers will also keep you informed throughout your healing journey, and will answer any questions you may have. They can provide written reports of your treatment and your progress to your family doctor, lawyer, or insurance adjustor.

Leaders in our Field

The Seekers Centre is the only pain management clinic focused on finding the root cause of your pain and ending it. We are also the only clinic that integrates medical, nursing, psychological and complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) treatments into our personalized pain management programs in order to effectively treat and heal our patients. We are proud to be leaders in the emerging field of pain medicine.

A Passionate Team

We believe that the best approach to healing involves personalized treatment and a dedicated team. Our entire team – from our MDs, nurses, psychologists, and practitioners, to our management and administrative staff – is passionate about eliminating pain, and is committed to providing our patients with the best possible care and healing experience.

We also have on staff specialists that possess significant experience in dealing with lawyers and insurance companies, providing an easier road to healing for our patients.

Our Building

Your healing experience with us begins the moment you step through the clinic doors. Our design and colours have been specifically chosen to promote feelings of relaxation and healing. Our VOC-free paints, reverse-osmosis water system, natural lighting, eco-furnishings make our wifi-free building a toxin-free environment for our patients. With solar panels on the roof supplying clean power to the grid, we are proud of the green healing space that is the Seekers Pain Centre.