<strong>Antonio Pirello, <strong>R.T.C.M.P, R.Ac.</strong></strong>
Antonio Pirello, R.T.C.M.P, R.Ac.Traditional Chinese Medicine

His interest in the field of Integrative medicine began years ago when he resided in Italy. After experiencing the remarkable benefits of Traditional Chinese Medicine first hand, Antonio’s desire to learn was ignited and has since steered his life completely through to this direction.

Dr. Bruno Zappia M.D., T.C.M. Dr., well known as one of the main founders of Chinese Medicine in Italy, was predominantly responsible for instilling passion and curiosity in Antonio. Dr. Zappia has been a mentor to Antonio, taking him under his wing and teaching him the philosophy and wisdom of this ancient art.

Antonio obtained his degrees between Italy and Canada, however, attracted by the open mindedness of integrative medicine in North America, he chose to establish his practice Ottawa.

Constantly researching and studying new techniques to reach new boundaries of medicine, he strongly believes that any disease can be treated and that the success over any ailment comes from the proper knowledge applied. He is continuously amazed by the effectiveness of all sciences of healing and its power to help people find relief on the physical level and beyond.

Although Antonio enjoys treating all types of diseases, he is particularly interested in acute and chronic pain, chronic degenerative conditions, digestion disorders, and anything that challenges his knowledge and pushes him to new understandings.

Antonio is also deeply involved in meditation, Pranayama techniques, and the study of Advaita Vedanta (transcendental eastern philosophy).