<strong> Haider Zaidan</strong>
Haider ZaidanIntegrative Health Practitioner

Originally from Iraq, Zaidan received his medical degree from Al-Mustansirya University College of Medicine in Baghdad Iraq in 2002. After graduation,  Zaidan gave back to his community through his medical practice as a trauma surgeon, and through his social work as an advocate for social justice. In 2008  Zaidan moved to Canada and immediately fell in love with the Ottawa area where he has chosen to raise his family.  Zaidan has been an integral part of the Seekers Centre’s team for over five years.

Beginning as a Clinical Associate,  Zaidan was responsible for supervising intravenous treatments, diagnostic testing, and clinical trials, such as the Trial to Assess Chelation Therapy. While Zaidan is still a fixture in the Seekers Centre’s IV Clinic, he has since added the titles of EAV (Electroacupuncture according to Voll) and Auricular Medicine Practitioner to his impressive resume.

EAV is one of the cornerstones of the Seekers Centre’s approach to healing, and as EAV practitioner, Zaidan is directly involved in the creation of treatment plans by testing for and prescribing remedies. As part of his Auricular Medicine practice,  Zaidan is responsible for administering and supervising auricular acupuncture. In both his roles as EAV and Auricular Medicine practitioner, Zaidan identifies, treats, and eliminates blockages in the nervous system.

Zaidan has trained with experts in EAV and Auricular Medicine from Ottawa and across Canada. He has become a specialist in these areas, and is widely sought by our patients.