Millions of people around the word are using dangerous drugs.  Unfortunately, in many cases they are prescribed by their doctors.  While some medications actually reduce disease risk, many are used to relieve symptoms but offer no health benefit.  And in many cases, their side-effects can be harmful.

Proton Pump Inhibitors […]

Are your medications increasing your Alzheimer’s risk?

We have all heard about the dangers of painkillers in the media, but they are not the only drugs we worry about in our patients. A recent study garnered a lot of media attention over the past year. Researchers at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine at the University of […]

Does lithium protect the brain?

Researchers from Rutgers University have recently published data suggesting that lithium may help reduce damage that can occur after a traumatic brain injury.   This drug, which has been used for decades to treat bipolar disorder, has also been used by integrative physicians to promote brain health.  This is […]

EEG data reveals the nature of pain – even in infants

A recent study looking at babies’ brainwaves points to the growing role of EEG data in revealing brain function.  In five studies of 72 infants, they were able to see their pain in the EEG data. Babies cry for many reasons, so it is important for doctors to know […]

Bringing Chelation Therapy to Costa Rica

Greetings from Costa Rica.  Ever since we found it, the idyllic waterfall property that we hope to turn into Seekers Falls has brought a unique energy to our team and our work.  Our vision is to create a one-day experience for visitors from around the world that combines nature, […]

Detox your home

by Shadi Nahas

Lurking. That is the probably the best way to describe the hidden toxins that live in our households. It is a pretty safe bet that if it toxin chemicals are in our environment, they are probably in our bloodstream as well. A recent study by Environmental Defence […]

Let food be your medicine

My practice is based on my approach to medicine – that there are many ways of treating health problems, and prescription drugs are just one of them. Depending on the problem – and the individual, I might recommend acupuncture, herbs, vitamins, supplements or drugs. In most cases, my prescription […]

Acupuncture for your brain

Modern medicine has been described as the greatest gift to mankind.  While its role is different, I think acupuncture is just as precious a gift.  This safe, simple treatment has been used by millions in China for thousands of years.  Our methods are heavily influenced by this system, and […]

Do you have adrenal fatigue?

If you are suffering from chronic health problems, you may have a problem with your adrenal glands.  In most cases, this problem cannot be diagnosed using standard medical tests of adrenal function.  Naturopathic doctors and other Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) providers call this condition adrenal fatigue.   If are […]

Is your brain inflamed?

inflamed brain

Many different brain disorders have been linked to inflammation in the brain. This includes post-concussion syndrome, depression and Alzheimer’s dementia. A recent literature review found that blood tests measuring inflammation are also increased in people with Parkinson’s disease. These studies suggest that inflammation is a key factor leading to […]