DHA, omega fat and the brain

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October 3-7, 2016 recognizes the 3rd annual Brain Health Awareness Week at the uOttawa Brain and Mind Research Institute (uOBMRI).  The Seekers Centre supports uOBMRI’s efforts to reach out to the community to raise awareness for brain research.  For more information, please visit www.brainhealthawarenessweek.ca

by Dr. Richard Nahas

There are many natural […]

Be Reborn

tree with changing leaves

By Dr. Richard Nahas

Today is the first day of autumn and the leaves have just begun to turn.  I noticed a few yellow leaves atop a beautiful maple on my street yesterday morning. The coming weeks will be beautiful, with its crisp air, great sweaters,  warm drinks and return […]

Consciousness and Food


By Dr. Richard Nahas

Millions of people have transformed the way they think about food. There are very few people who put food in their mouths without thinking about how what they are eating will affect their health. Even the people who decide that they don’t care about their health […]

Lymph and the Brain

By Dr. Richard Nahas

This recent discovery of a lymphatic system in the brain has been reported as a revolution in neuroscience. It was always assumed that there was no connection between the brain and the immune system of the body. But powerful new evidence, which includes beautiful images, shows […]

Overcoming Pain for Canadian Gold

derek drouin high jumping

Derek Drouin, a high jumper from Sarnia, Ontario, just won Canada’s third Olympic gold medal.  He even invented a new way to high jump technique that some say will revolutionize the sport.  He did so with chronic nagging pain and stiffness in his back.  Apparently, he and his coaches […]

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    Researchers find a biological explanation for wheat sensitivity

Researchers find a biological explanation for wheat sensitivity

wheat in field

by Dr. Richard Nahas

One of the most common treatable factors that we see affecting our patients with chronic pain is non-celiac gluten sensitivity (NCGS).  These folks test negative for celiac disease, but they have health problems that go away when they are on a strict gluten-free diet … and […]

Six easy pieces of detox – for free!

6 easy pieces of detox

by Dr. Richard Nahas

Many of my patients have asked me for advice about how to do a ‘detox’.  This is certainly an important issue, because we all have hundreds of synthetic chemicals in our brains and bodies that don’t belong there.  There is a decent amount of science to […]

Healing the Pain of Bastille Day

france flag

I write these words with a heavy heart.  I was out with family yesterday evening when my cousin, visiting from abroad, showed me a video of bloody bodies littering the streets of France.  None of us could bear these images; we all looked away.  How are ordinary people, shocked […]


The results of a US government study released recently provide the strongest evidence to date that cell phones cause brain cancer.  This data suggests that cell phones probably affect the brain and nerves in other ways, and that other man-made electromagnetic fields (EMFs) might do the same.  This is […]