derek drouin high jumpingDerek Drouin, a high jumper from Sarnia, Ontario, just won Canada’s third Olympic gold medal.  He even invented a new way to high jump technique that some say will revolutionize the sport.  He did so with chronic nagging pain and stiffness in his back.  Apparently, he and his coaches were even told that he should consider taking a break from the sport.  Well, now he can take a break.  After a job well done.

Many of our patients are struggling with concussion, pain and other related symptoms.  These make it harder to get through the day, and they make it harder to hold on to our plans, our hopes and our dreams.  But we all need purpose.  And we all need to focus on that purpose.   Our goals and our plans are our fuel, they animate the spirit that fuels our will.  We need will to make better choices, the choices that will ultimately help us overcome our problems.

So keep your dreams alive.  And make good choices.

Congratulations, Derek!


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