Millions of people around the word are using dangerous drugs.  Unfortunately, in many cases they are prescribed by their doctors.  While some medications actually reduce disease risk, many are used to relieve symptoms but offer no health benefit.  And in many cases, their side-effects can be harmful.

Proton Pump Inhibitors (PPIs) are an important example, and they are a major public health problem.  These drugs were developed to treat bleeding ulcers.  Fortunately for the drug companies, they also seem to relieve heartburn.  This has made these some of the bestselling drugs in history, but 95% of people who use them have never had an ulcer.  They were prescribed by their doctor for heartburn and other symptoms of Gastro Esophageal Reflux Disease (GERD).

PPIs help heal ulcers (and relieve heartburn) by turning off acid production in the stomach.  This is useful for a short time to allow an ulcer to heal, and sometimes even long-term use is beneficial.  But your body produces stomach acid for a reason.  Many reasons, actually, and when you turn it off, a lot of things can get screwed up.

One concern that relates to pain and brain health is that PPIs interfere with B12 absorption, which makes it harder for neurons to work properly.   Stomach acid is also important for calcium metabolism, and this may be why PPIs increase the risk of hip fracture.  Stomach acid kills microbes, which is probably why PPIs increase the risk of several infections.  And for reasons that are yet unclear, this new study suggests that PPIs increase the risk of death from any cause.  By about 25 percent.

If you are using a medication for heartburn whose name ends in -prazole – these drugs have trade names like Nexium, Pariet, Prevacid and Prilosec – you need to stop using them.  So what can you do to relieve heartburn symptoms?

  • Avoid the foods that trigger you.  Common triggers include spicy foods, coffee, alcohol, tomatoes, citrus and other acidic foods.  Everyone is different, so use trial and error to figure it out for yourself.
  • Elevate the front legs of your bed.  Even an inch will be enough to create a slight downward incline that reduces pressure on the stomach.  This is especially helpful if you are overweight, and can also help improve sleep.
  • Take apple cider vinegar before each meal.  About a tablespoon will do.  This is an old home remedy that really works for many people, and also improves digestion.
  • Try an acid pill like betaine HCl.  This is a more convenient, potent acid source that also helps trigger the stomach.
  • Consider manual therapy for a hiatus hernia.  Medicine has no idea, but a hiatus hernia can actually be pulled back down into place with a skilled pair of hands.  I have seen this help cure heartburn in many cases.
  • Use PPIs as needed only.  If nothing else works and you need relief, use the minimum amount required.  Studies show that PPIs don’t need to be used every day to be effective.  The less often you use them the better.

Governments are spending way too much money on bad healthcare.  This is one example that is not only a waste of money, but also causing more death and disease.  We should be addressing this issue on a national or provincial level, but until we do, make sure your drugs are safe.