This is one of many articles that highlight the dangers paint laced with lead. This paint still lingers in rich countries and is still being manufactured in poor ones. Children come into contact with the metal in dust, soil, water, and unfortunately in old paint. With half a million American children having “elevated” levels of lead in their blood, almost any amount is potentially harmful.

The damage is clear – an analysis in 2005 found that a lead level of 10µg/dL in young children lowers their IQ by six points when measured a few years later, equivalent to missing more than a year of school. And loss of IQ is just the tip of the iceberg! A person exposed to lead as a child may be very intelligent but lack the ability to focus and plan.

The good news is that every country committed to phase out lead paint by 2020, the bad news is only a dozen have introduced the bans – bringing the total number of conscious countries to 68. For centuries people have known about the damage lead does, yet still expose others to it. Until that changes, the number of victims will continue to grow.

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This is a reminder that every person, including you, has lead in their bodies. And that it is toxic at any level, affecting the entire system, including nerves, brain and heart.

We are participating in the TACT2 trial because EDTA chelation therapy, which safely removes lead from the body, seems to prolong life in diabetics who have had a heart attack.

This therapy may also help with other health problems, especially for those of us who were alive in the 1970s. Because your bones store all the lead you have ever been exposed to, from any source.

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